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Sheristen James is no stranger to the Art Industry. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri into an incredibly artistic family. Her family includes, wedding planners, pageant queens, interior designers, broadcast journalists, radio DJs, singer/songwriters, writers and of course, actors. Sheristen began dabbling with art in preschool, and by the time she entered 7th grade, she'd been published in a national anthology of poetry and won several national art awards. One of her works of art is still hanging in the hallways of her elementary school. Sheristen started acting and performing in middle school in Kansas City. She continued with acting and singing through highschool, working with teachers who are involved with the KC Regional Opera, Coterie Theatre, and other local art venues. In college, she trained with the Theatre and Dance Department staff and faculty at Missouri State University.

Sheristen spent several years during her college time at MSU being involved in the community theatre scene in downtown Springfield. She played with Springfield Little Theater (Landers) for a couple of seasons, starring in shows such as Hairspray and Children of Eden.


Now, after graduating, Sheristen continues to exercise her acting muscles and trains under Jonna Volz. She is known for her work in Du More Films feature film “Vincent's Vow", playing “Janelle” to be released in 2020, and Acting For Real's "The Pretty People, Inc."  as Stacy. 


Clear here to learn more about Sheristen's Kids acting class. 

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