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Classes, Workshops, Private Coaching and Career Planning for Film, Television, Commercials, Voice-Overs, and the Stage with Jonna Kae Volz.



Learn how to ACT FOR REAL. 

Actors will learn acting techniques for Film, Television, Commercials & Voice Overs. These classes are designed for children, teens and adults to help develop audition material as well as work with other actors on scenes and monologues for television, film and commercials. Students will have a chance to work with special guest artists as well as build the confidence needed to audition for casting agents and producers. Classes include coaching on how to market yourself as an acting professional. 


To pursue your acting interest, click the link below to register for Acting For Real! 




Acting For Real classes are designed to help students prepare for professional acting work and book paid acting work in film, television, commercials, voice overs, info-mercials, and stage. These classes also help build confidence and strong communication skills, giving you the upper-hand in professional networking. 

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