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Acting Reel Editing Lab

May 12th 10am-6pm


Reserve your seat with $20

Only 10 seats total are available

Hosted by Jonna Volz

Bring your laptop loaded with your editing programs and your acting work on CD or Digital files. The whole class will watch your work and give you feed back on your best moments that are Acting Reel worthy. Our professional editor will guide you through editing basics. If you have zero access to basic editing software, you can learn how to easily manage the digital data and what an editor needs to help you get your Acting Reel finalized. 

Basically we're going to talk about all of things. It's only $45 and we are in it to win it for 6 hours. But you can leave early if you feel like you're done. Email questions to

There are literally only 10 seats in the classroom. Reserve your seat today! Click BOOK IT  and select the "Group Classes" tab.

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