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As a student at the Acting For Real acting studio, you have perks. 

Work on your acting assignments, projects, techniques, memorization, scene work with other actors, and more. The doors of the acting studio will be open at least 1 Saturday a month for you to settle in and focus on acting with the attention of your acting coach! 

As a student, you receive exclusive discounts on Special Events, Workshops, and Services provided by Acting For Real. 

Your teacher is a Casting Director. Get the inside scoop on local auditions and casting calls as well as the training you need to be ready for auditions. 


If you are a current or past student, refer a friend and earn Class Credits! 

Here's how it works:

  • You tell someone to check out our group class.

  • They decide to sign up. They tell me that YOU referred them. 

  • You get 2 FREE class credits that can be used anytime within the next 12 weeks. 

  • Class Credits can also be gifted. 

  • They are not cash redeemable. Just class redeemable. 

  • You can use your class credits immediately for a class discount. Or save them up. 


EXAMPLE: 1 person you refer signs up for at least 1 month of classes. You have 2 class credits equal to $50 ($25 per class). When you apply your Class Credits to your next class, you only pay half ($50 for the whole month).


1 Referral = 2 Class Credits

2 Referrals = 4 Class Credits 


If it still doesn't make sense. ......

1 Month of acting class = 4 Class Credits 

Tell a friend, pay less money.


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