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A new way for new actors to learn.

Learn how to Do It Yourself!

This is the time when actors need to be self sufficient more than ever and take matters into their own hands when the going gets tough or simply to stay creative and do cool things. 


How it works:

New actors are paired with an advanced actor and come up with a scene idea to work on and record for their acting reel. This is a Do It Yourself production with coaching and guidance from Jonna Volz. You will explore ideas for "your type", character development, story development, basic screenwriting and learn a simple and affordable way to produce your own scene. 


$400 includes:

1 hr -  Writing Session

3 hr -  Rehearsals in person

1 hr -  Technical stuff

3 hrs - Shoot the scene.

8 hrs total of learning a lot and doing cool things


All sessions are scheduled based on your availability. Completing the project within 4 weeks is strongly encouraged. 


You have options for your final product:

  • It can be as simple as a really good self-tape clip with your scene partner.

  • You can film it "movie style" with your phone.

  • You can find a small crew to shoot it with professional gear .

(Editing depends on how you want to handle it and how it's shot and may include additional cost.)

If you are interested, email Jonna to find out what you need to do to qualify. Availability is limited.

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