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Hello Actors and Friends!

It's time to start blogging. I'm gonna be honest, the is the first time I've ever "blogged". My web developer tells me I "blog out loud" all the time. I figure it's time to document my streamline thinking. I'd like to start with some shout outs.

The students from Monday and Wednesday classes are really stepping up and putting in the work that makes a difference. I admit openly, that you are all kind like my precious "lab rats" who I love dearly and are brave enough to try out new techniques while also attempting to understand and put to practice the techniques born from the loins of Stanislavski and Chekhov.

Here's the thing kids.... there is SO MUCH TO LEARN. And there are so many different ways to use your acting skills. I am here to help you navigate that journey the best I can. And, as I have mentioned many times, I am always learning with you. Sometime I feel like I'm just an interpreter of this strange language the acting scholars speak. What makes it fun, and makes me want to keep teaching, is the excitement, energy, determination, and fearlessness that you bring to class. Thank you for that. You make my life way better.

So now that Summer is here, what do we do? The answer: Keep doing what you're doing. Don't stop. Don't "take a break". Dig in!! Go deeper. Acting is such a psychological "sport". Actors see, hear, taste and process the world a little differently than everyone else. We just do. We have to. Don't be afraid to be different. We are weird and it's okay. In acting class, it's cool to be a fool, so let your freak flag fly. Just remember to always be respectful, and sensitive to others.

So much to do. Let's get started. Jump in.



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