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AUDITIONS SUCK. 10 things you need to know.

It doesn't matter how long you've been acting, (1) auditions suck. There's no built set waiting for you, there's no one to act off of besides an apathetic reader, and if you have a scene partner, you've barely had a chance to rehearse. If it's a student film, you'll be handed the scene after you check in and will have little to no information about the script or the character. If you have an agent or you are snagging auditions for yourself online, (2) be prepared for the ever popular "Self-Tape". Haven't heard of that? Well you better Google it. It's the way things are done now. Even if you live in LA and the casting office is 1 mile down the road, you will most likely be asked to submit a Self-Tape anyway. And if you are invited to the casting office, most of you will have to sit and wait in a room full of people who look like a different version of you, quietly reciting the same lines you're trying to memorize, reminding you that you are replaceable. Here's the deal, no matter what audition scenario you find yourself in,

Oh ya. (8) They remember you. You just want to make sure it's because there was something special about you that reminds them they want to work with you, even if they can't book you for this one. Acting is fun. It really is. If you're a "real" actor, the moment you can bring yourself to a state of total despair, curled up in a fetal position, bawling your eyes out "in character", you get excited! We get excited about the weirdest things. While you're in-between auditions, make sure you are exercising your emotional availability and sharpening your "actor tools". (9) Don't get lazy! Stay creative. Get really good a memorizing. If you are constantly working on how to be a better actor, you won't be as nervous at the audition. It'll just be another day in the actor office. Also, don't sit around and wait for people to write projects and post auditions in order for you to have a reason to be creative. (10) Write your own stuff! Collaborate with other creative people. Make friends with up-and-coming cinematographers. They are desperate for good actors. Acting takes some thick skin and moxie. If anything I have mentioned so far scares you, and you're now re-thinkging your career goals, that's probably for the best. You either press into to this with fearlessness or go home. Acting is NOT for the faint of heart. Auditions are just the beginning. So let's review:

1. Auditions Suck

2. Learn how to Self-Tape

3. You must have a powerful imagination

4. Figure out your preparation technique

5. Think fast and make strong choices

6. You're replaceable so be memorable

7. The audition IS the job

8. Make a good impression

9. Don't get lazy!

10. Write your own stuff.

If your'e still reading this, and thrive on a challenge, there may be hope for you yet. Now... go do something creative! ;)

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