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Don't just stand around waiting for the part....

It's time to discover your hidden talents! School is in session. The whole city is re-adjusting to school traffic schedules and kids are adjusting to new sleeping schedules. As the leaves start to fall and the breeze foreshadows the cooler temperatures to come, I find myself reaching for vitamins and healthier food. There is NO WAY I am getting sick this season! I have way too much to do! WE have way too many cool things to do!

Classes have just been getting better and better as students have risen to the challenges given, not only by me, but their peers. Having a safe environment with people you trust is so critical for actors who really want to push themselves to try new things, and that's exactly what is happening in class these days. There has been so much exploring and actors taking risks, But with those risks have come many rewards. Of course, rewards in an acting class may sound a little strange. Chris finally has had a breakthrough with crying on camera, and is feeling true pain and suffering. His reward is "That was awesome, Chris! Great job!"

Yes. This is a place where we celebrate your pain... well... celebrate your ability to feel pain for your character and bring their story to life with your tears; And as we go deeper into that experience, we learn how important it is to be supportive, honest, caring, and genuine in a class setting (and in life). I'm very proud of everyone I get to work with every week. I learn something new everyday just because I get to teach amazing people. You seriously rock!

For those of who haven't quite jumped on board (but are considering your options), have no doubt...we're excited to work with you, when the time comes.

For those who are deep in the trenches...carry on brave soldiers. This is still just the beginning.


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